Channel Letters

Channel letter signs became one of the most popular sign styles in the last couple of decades. These signs can be used indoors or outdoors, as they are durable and weather resistant. SeattlePH offers a large variety of channel letter sign types:


  • Fabricated Metal Lit:

Combine the premium look of our fabricated metal letters with the sophisticated visibility of diffused halo or face lighting. Produced from a wide range of sizes from 2.5 inches to 60 inches high, in multiple rich stainless steel finishes or aluminum options, all lit with one of five LED colors.


  • Cast Metal – Halo Lit:

Combine the premium look of our made-to-order cast dimensional letters and logos with the distinctive visibility of halo lighting, creating unique profiles with depth and permanency.


  • Acrylic Channel Letters:

Acrylic channel letter signs will give your signage a distinctive and sophisticated look with precision machined letters, while producing an even diffused glow, worthy of the most high-end establishments.

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